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Thank you for providing care for homeless pets! 

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General Operating Fund

These funds helps us offset the cost of providing food, shelter and care to the nearly 12,000 animals that come to us every year.  By helping us keep our doors open, we can further our mission to find a home for every pet.


Animal Compassion Fund
The Animal Compassion Fund is dedicated to healing sick or injured animals with treatable conditions that might otherwise keep them from ever making it to our adoption floor.

Furry Friends 
Our "Furry Friends" donors are people who want to help an animal but perhaps aren't able to adopt one themselves. Currently, it costs us a minimum of $225 to provide food, vet care, vaccines, spay or neuter surgery, and a microchip for each animal who comes to our shelter.  Your gift of at least $50 will go toward the care of a specific animal.  We will let you know which animal received your gift and his or her kennel will display a bright paw print with your name!

Pet Food Pantry
Young-Williams’ Pet Food Pantry is open once a month to temporarily help financially qualified Knox Countians feed their pets during difficult times. The pantry helps people keep their pets in their homes, rather than have to surrender them — a situation that worsens overcrowding in our shelter.

Walkway of Life
A $100 donation to Y-W's "Walkway of Life" memorializes a family member or a favorite pet with the purchase of a custom-engraved brick. These bricks line the walkway to the main shelter and, by featuring names, dates, and special messages, they create a lasting tribute. 

Spay it Forward

Our spay/neuter services are available to anyone, regardless of residence. Young-Williams Spay/Neuter Solutions offers subsidized, low-cost services to pet owners who want to do the right thing but may not be able to afford to have a pet spayed or neutered without our clinic. Your donation of $75.00 will cover the full cost of a surgery. Alternatively, a $45 donation will pay for the subsidized price for a cat, and $65 for the subsidized price of a dog. Donors, foundations, and grant funding help us keep our costs low for those who need our help the most.